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Be empowered and feel energized to excel as a leader and live the life that you love.

If you're seeking a personalized program to conquer life's challenges, elevate your leadership effectiveness, and enjoy what truly matters, look no further than EEpath Leadership and Life Coaching by Cynthia Yamasaki.


In today's fast-paced world, business leaders and owners face constant change, uncertainty, and the risk of burnout. Balancing family, business, employees, and other obligations can be overwhelming and stressful. And with EEpath coaching, you won't have to navigate this path alone.


You'll gain access to a safe and confidential space where you can express your thoughts, share your feelings, and receive objective feedback and different perspectives. This will help you reflect, make choices, and stay on track toward your goals.


EEpath coaching will leave you feeling empowered, energized, and ready to live the life you love.


Cynthia Yamasaki, MBA

EEpath Owner established in 2007

Positive Intelligence® PQ Coach™

Certified Business Advisor

EEpath Coaching Programs

Elevate your leadership and enhance your life with the expert coaching of Cynthia Yamasaki. You'll also have access to the powerful Positive Intelligence® PQ® App and EEpath Guide to help you achieve your goals and boost your performance. 

PQ Pod


Group coaching or pods of up to four leaders who have reached a plateau need to break through to the next level. The PQ® mental fitness program and Positive Intelligence® accelerate your ability to accomplish goals with self-fulfillment, resilience, and the support of mastermind peers.


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Private sessions for busy executives and business owners who have difficulty in engaging and empowering their managers and staff. EEpath one-to-one coaching and the PQ® mental fitness program enhance your effectiveness to lead a collaborative, committed, and high-performing team to achieve triple bottom line results - people, planet, and profit.


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EEpath retreats are created for business owners and leaders struggling with stress and anxiety from managing their organizations and personal lives. At EEpath, we cater to our clients' specific needs and preferences, offering a holistic approach that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit. We aim to provide a unique, relaxing experience that helps our clients recharge and rejuvenate.


As a professional coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. Thank you to my clients for their feedback and testimonials. Together, we lead and live well with Aloha!

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