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EEpath Career-Life Coaching to Excel as a Leader & Avoid Burnout

Be empowered and feel energized to lead and live the life that you love.

Do you feel stuck? Lost? Overwhelmed? Each of us can experience hard times, but only a few know how to turn it into a starting point for the new life full of happiness. EEpath leadership and life coaching with Cynthia Yamasaki  find your hidden potential and give you all necessary tools to develop and grow.


What is EEpath?

We believe that each person has unique talent, gifts, and the ability to reach their highest potential. 

Today, more than ever, we are faced with constant change, uncertainty, and potential burnout. It can be demanding and stressful to have a career while taking care of your family, business, employees, and other obligations.

Life happens. And you are not alone.  Life coaching provides you a safe place to share your thoughts, express feelings, receive objective feedback and different perspectives that allows you to reflect, make choices, and stay on path. Be empowered. Feel energized. Live the life you love.

EEpath is a personalized coaching process created by Cynthia Yamasaki that helps you transcend life's challenges, pursue a fulfilling career, and enjoy what matters most in life.

EEpath Executive Life Coaching in Hawaii
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Lead and Live Well with Aloha

Step by step, go a little further. Stretch beyond your comfort zone.

There are infinite possibilities to achieve your highest potential.

See, Be, Do, Have, and Give your best with joy, grace, and ease.

Cynthia Yamasaki, EEpath Creator & Professional Life Coach


EEpath Life Coaching for Leaders in Hawaii

Cynthia Yamasaki founded her business in 2007 and created EEpath with the mission to help professionals and business owners reach their highest potential as leaders with less stress and more time for what matters most in life. Cynthia has real life leadership and business experience. She is a mother, elder caregiver, dog owner, community volunteer, entrepreneur, and certified peer counselor with more than three decades of business experience in diverse leadership roles in the corporate, small business, and nonprofit sectors. Her multi-faceted background, extensive training, and local values provide her with an unparalleled perspective on enhancing each stage of your career and life.

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Group Coaching for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Small group sessions to establish and achieve personal and professional success.

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Private Coaching for Executives & Business Owners

Confidential sessions to enhance your life and excel as a leader.

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EEpath Guide

Self-Paced Courses and Tools

EEpath career-life coaching includes unlimited access to online courses and tools for personal and leadership development.