EEpath strives to be a value-added partner that helps organizations with the human side of the company. 


EEpath offers customized services for organizations to foster teamwork, provide continuous learning, and long-term sustainability.  EEpath facilitates workshops and leadership development programs in alignment with your company's mission, values, objectives, and succession plans.


We help you to strategically plan, recalibrate employees and operations, and build an agile team of leaders.



The role of a Leader in any organization is becoming challenging in these times of faster change and higher demands.   We are in a global economy with more rapid, constant changes in technology, industry, and regulatory compliance.  Customers expect more. The shift from the industrial age to the information evolution requires different ways to recruit, train, and retain talented people to work for your organization.



Today's fast-paced business world requires us to work smarter, not harder.  It heightens the awareness and needs to:

  • Foster better cooperation and collaboration among fellow employees at all levels of an organization

  • Improve ability to attract, build and retain customer relationships beyond expectations

  • Better manage all resources, including people, energy, time, and money--to produce bottom-line results without burning out.



Organizations are running "flatter" with fewer managers who can provide the necessary time and attention needed to attract and retain an excellent workforce. Essential leadership responsibilities may be neglected, such as delivering quality on-the-job training, dealing effectively with employee conflict, coaching for performance, and mentoring the next generation of leaders. Busy managers need help with additional resources and coaching to:

  • Maximize the investment in new hires

  • Provide attractive careers and leadership succession opportunities

  • Avoid costly employment risks

  • Retain goodwill and intellectual property of your people assets



The human interaction and employee relations disciplines of HR take time, specialized care, and understanding of your business and operations.  Contact Cynthia Yamasaki if you want to resolve any of these HR issues:

  • Higher employee turnover

  • Higher costs of hiring and training new employees and managers

  • Lower Productivity with health issues related to stress and other personal matters

  • Lower Morale with internal communication and workgroup cooperation problems

  • Higher legal costs in dealing with employee relation issues

  • Negative impact on the organization's reputation 

  • Employees lack the enthusiasm to go to work and make a positive difference; feel stuck in same the routine, "it's just a job."


American T-Shirt Company in Hawaii gathers all of the employees every year for teambuilding and appreciation.  Watch this 9-minute video featuring EEpath and American T-Shirt Company on


Cynthia works with Jojo Watumull, Vice President, and Marvin Yoshizumi, CFO, since 2017 to facilitate interactive training with critical outcomes. The leaders reinforce the results from the event after that in their regular team meetings. 

Jojo, Marvin, and the leaders of American T-Shirt keep the spirit of company-pride and appreciation alive. The results are positive, with better teamwork and customer service.

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