EEpath helps professionals be empowered and energized leaders who lead and live well.


Sometimes being a senior manager or business owner can be overwhelming.

Let EEpath help as your trusted confidant to ease the load off your shoulders and get you back on track.


Do you have a business, leadership, or personal work-life challenge that requires professional attention?

EEpath executive coaching incorporates a holistic approach to leading and living an enriched and fulfilling life.


Are you having trouble with employee morale, leadership development, succession, or outdated HR processes?

Cynthia Yamasaki incorporates her extensive leadership, business, education, and life experiences in the EEpath coaching process with an objective view and care for the human side of the company.

Where do you see yourself in 3 to 5 years?


How will you transition and align your career with significant changes in life?

In this 25-minute video from the Kupuna Connections Olelo show, Cynthia Yamasaki shares how executive coaching can help you transition your career as you go through different life stages, such as preparing for retirement.

Why Choose EEpath?

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