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The EEpath Guide provides tips and tools to help you be an empowered, energized leader from the inside out. We take a holistic approach for you to succeed and enjoy harmony in all areas of life.  It is based on the principles of having a clear purpose, self-care, and leading by example.

You will use the exercises and resources throughout your leadership coaching and development with Cynthia Yamasaki. 


The EEpath guide and coaching process are the culmination of Cynthia's research, education, and over 3 decades of diverse experience as a leader in corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.


Take a look at a few pages of the EEpath Guide by clicking the PREVIEW button. It includes checklists that give you an idea of the EEpath coaching process to lead and live well.

For EEpath coaching clients, you have unlimited access to the EEpath Guide and additional resources. Login to your member account to access the complete Guide.