EEpath helps professionals be empowered and energized leaders who lead and live well.


Sometimes being an emerging leader, manager or small business owner can feel like you're all alone.

Let EEpath peer group coaching connect you with like-minded leaders who share common concerns and aspirations.


Do you have a business, leadership, or personal work-life challenge that requires professional attention?

Gain different perspectives, learn new ideas, and share best practices with your peers.


Are you having trouble keeping on task with your action plans, especially to care for yourself?

Set intentions with your group to keep accountable and focus on what matters the most. Cynthia Yamasaki is a certified peer group counselor who organizes and facilitates the monthly meetings to keep the group on track.

Award-winning DOE librarian, Diane Mokuau, and high school teacher and college counselor, Ric Ornelas, receive EEpath leadership and life coaching as a team. 


Diane, Ric, and their colleagues accomplish multiple projects successfully. Most notably their College Career Club taking Molokai High school students on East and West Coast college tours since 2014. Many of the students continue onto higher education with scholarships and bright aspirations for their future.

Why Choose EEpath?

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