Use Resilience to Deal with Major Life Changes

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

It's been over a year since my last blog post. In February 2019, I faced a problem that required me to pause my business plan and activities, and shift my attention to my family.

Whenever there is a major change in life, I take a step back to reflect on what matters most, research, plan, then take action with the help of others. After I achieve my goal, I reflect on what I accomplished, appreciate, and glean the lessons learned from the experience.

Here's a summary of what happened and the 8 tips that helped me through these tough times.

Review of 2019

How to deal with stress caused by major change in career-life

RESILIENCE: 8 Things to Remember

When Going Through Tough Times

  1. Everything Changes. Be agile and prepared to change and adjust your plans.

  2. Have faith and believe in the highest good. When in doubt, meditate/pray and envision what is possible.

  3. Life is about learning experiences and win-win solutions. These challenges are opportunities to grow, build character, and fulfill your life purpose.

  4. Research, ask, and accept help from people you trust. Calm your fear of the unknown by researching and engaging resources from the experts.

  5. Surrender, let it go; you can't control everything. You can choose how you react and do your best to resolve problems.

  6. Feel empowered and energized. Do the "power stance" and positive affirmation every morning while looking at yourself in the mirror. Don't take things too personally; keep smiling and laugh out loud.

  7. Self-care is important; be kind to yourself. This is critical. Listen to your body and rest. It's okay to take naps or a favorite treat (dark chocolate!) without guilt.

  8. Celebrate; share appreciation and love. Surround yourself with good people and keep an attitude of gratitude.

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