Kupuna Care Tip: Be Patient and Distract

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

My Dad was feeling the recent loss of his sister. There are now 3 out of 9 siblings alive. He was feisty and insisted on going to the bank and Longs to get a card. He got his cane and was determined to shuffle down to the bus stop.

My mom tried to rationalize with him, a 91-year old with dementia. It’s Sunday. The bank is closed. Her voice became louder as her frustration grew.

Thankfully, I learned from Kupuna care experts, Glenn Nishida and Maylynn Wong. Even if Dad’s memory wanes, his feelings and emotions are strong. I need to be patient and distract to shift the mood.

Try to do that with two irritated and stubborn elderly folks. To keep the peace, I suggested that I'd drive them to the bank and then we'd visit my mom's sister and their grandson. Oh yes, JOY Ride!

So off we went with Ensure in the cooler. Kaneohe bank and shopping center. Then to Aiea and Mānoa to deliver veggies from mom’s garden and spread holiday cheer... watch this video to see the outcome.

I was so distracted that I forgot to stop at Longs.

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