Support Each Other

Hawaii and the entire planet needs you now.

Not a first responder or essential worker? If it bothered you before, disregard that non-essential or unemployed label. Labels and titles do not define who you are or your self-worth.

You are valid. Your choices and actions are needed now more than ever to prevent this contagious illness and death for our loved ones and fellow human beings. I've heard that COVID19 can spread to pet cats and dogs? Is this true???

Let's be wise, shelter-in-place, stay clean, and follow issued county, state, and federal guidelines. Yes, it can be confusing. Yes, we are impacted financially. But I have faith that we are resilient and will find ways to recover and rebound.

Be patient. Be kind. Take care. Choose the right thing to do for the sake of our entire community with integrity, compassion, and kindness.


If you are able to volunteer, there are many opportunities to help others. For example, volunteers at Malama Meals and HPD issued two recent shout outs. Please read, kokua, and share with others who can help too.


The Malama Meals program needs volunteers to plate the food, deliver meals, or help the call center. They seek volunteers who can commit to a regular schedule of one 4-hour shift, once a week for 4-weeks. There are 3 types of assignments (see links below).

Aloha Venues and affiliated partners, Aloha Beer Company, Da Spot Healthfoods, and Bluewater Shrimp are committed to taking action to help save lives, provide food security and comfort to our communities in need and kupuna at risk.

In coordination with the City and County of Honolulu, the Mālama Meals program's mission is to provide food security to communities in need or at risk due to actions taken to contain COVID-19 by distributing nourishing, freshly made meals free of charge. All food is prepared under strict health and safety protocols by professional cooks in a professional kitchen.

For more information and to volunteer, click on the following links:

Online sign-up form: ​​


HPD needs disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers. According to Carol Ann Gordon who is a volunteer, the places that HPD purchases from are out of supply. Donations or information on where to purchase wipes and hand sanitizer are welcomed.

To help the HPD, please contact Carol Anne Gordon, LCSW at

Let's all keep wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping physically distant. Mahalo to the generous people and businesses who are making masks and giving them away.


COVID19 is a huge disruption. We are all grieving from the loss of loved ones, loss of not being able to do what we are accustomed to, and loss of knowing what's next. The following links provide information on where you can get help and stay informed.

Hawai'i Economic & Community Navigator

Changing the trajectory of Hawai'i towards a more balanced, innovative, and sustainable economy – that balances the people, place, and culture with the environment, land, and ocean. Please regularly view the website,, for updates.


Life looks a lot different now and will continue to change.

We are agile and evolving. Let's do this together!

EEpath is a life coaching program to deal with career-life challenges and change.  It is for individuals who feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and seek confidential support to transform their life. Sign up for a free membership and complimentary virtual life coaching session at

My DIY website is a work-in-progress, so please pardon hiccups and call me at 221-2828 for questions and assistance. Sending you love, hope, and gratitude.

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