Support Each Other

Hawaii and the entire planet needs you now.

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Not a first responder or essential worker? If it bothered you before, disregard that non-essential or unemployed label. Labels and titles do not define who you are or your self-worth.

You are valid. Your choices and actions are needed now more than ever to prevent this contagious illness and death for our loved ones and fellow human beings. I've heard that COVID19 can spread to pet cats and dogs? Is this true???

Let's be wise, shelter-in-place, stay clean, and follow issued county, state, and federal guidelines. Yes, it can be confusing. Yes, we are impacted financially. But I have faith that we are resilient and will find ways to recover and rebound.

Be patient. Be kind. Take care. Choose the right thing to do for the sake of our entire community with integrity, compassion, and kindness.


If you are able to volunteer, there are many o